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Shopping has been one of the joys most people have enjoyed since the dawn of time. For ages they would run to their local shopping mall to purchase the latest in style. However, these days, people love to shop online. Ninety nine % of shoppers have brought items online in 2105 compared to 2008. Clothing and sports are the most popular purchases, according to the office for National Statistics.

Online Shopping

Britons are falling out of love with selling goods online, official data reveals. The number of us flogging items over the internet has fallen to its lowest rate for the past five years. It suggests that fewer people are selling goods on websites such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy. However more people that ever are making internet purchases. Three-quarters of people brought items online in 2015 compared with just over half in 2008. Clothing and sports

The Leopard Files.

Stop by the leopard store and check out their latest items. Designed for leopard print lovers.

Digital Pictures

When you take a screen shot of that payment to show as 'proof of payment' you are giving permission to anyone to track you down via your screen shot. These screen shots as well as digital photos and downloaded pics have a tracking code inside them. This is used by the FBI to track you down.  Before you post your pics online,  Right click on picture, scroll to properties, then advanced and click on 'encrypt contents' to secure data. 

What we are about?

We focus on  money making opportunities, new programs, PTC sites, Revenue Sharing and fast cash programs and learn how to make money online. We will explore many programs and give our opinions on these programs as well as be giving you free tips, tricks and do and don't s. Our goal is to give you your key to affiliate cash while saving you money by exposing scammers


1. Spend Your Money Where It Performs!

2. Visit Information sites like this one for more information about making money. 

3. Always check Review Sites

4. Stay away from Revenue Share sites that doesn't have other sources of income.

5. Report Scammers. Click Here

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